Brand X Price List - Fiber in AT&T Territory

Note: pricelist effective 7/3/2018

Brand X Internet offers DSL and Fiber services for both MACINTOSH and WINDOWS in AT&T areas such as Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, most of the San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Pasadena, and most of Orange County. Note that availability of services varies by area.

Fiber based services

Fiber may or may not be available at any particular address. Check by calling us 310 395 5500.

Service Package Monthly Setup










One year term

All services require a one year term. That means you have to pay for one year service even if you move before that time. We don't actually like this policy, but we rent access to phone lines from the telephone company, and those are their conditions. Since we cannot change their policies, the best we can do is explain them clearly and make sure customers are aware. We really apologize about this, and if we can find a way to change it, we most definitely will.

Telephone LIne

Not required You need a telephone jack, but you don't need live telephone service.


Our support is local. You will never be transferred to an offshore tech support center in Kazakhstan or Mongolia.

We won't make you listen to hold music or try to explain your problems to a computer in order to get optimized service.

Most of the time we will just pick up the phone right away and answer your questions. If all our lines are busy and we can't talk, we'll have someone take your number and call you back. But we really do call back. This values your time and avoids hold music..

Apple Computers

Unlike Frontier and AT&T, Brand X loves Macs and we completely support them.


Most of our customers bring their own equipment. If you need a router from us they are $45.


Two free. Additional mailboxes are $5.00 per month, or $50.00 per year.

What kind of speed can I expect?

Based on customer feedback and a limited amount of our own testing, it appears that our DSL customers are getting about 70%-80% of the upper limit.

What about fees and taxes?

They are included.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for our Terms And Conditions.