Expert Witness Testimony

Brand X Internet offers legal "expert witness" testimony on issues related to programming, security, networking and the Internet.

As expert witnesses our duty is not to take one side or another in a debate. We simply explain the facts as we see them.

Our expert, Jim Pickrell, has 37 years of scientific and network programming experience and 23 years of Internet experience. Customers in programming and networking have included: UCLA, DGA, City of Santa Monica, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Blue Origin (Aerospace), Stark Aerospace, Philips Electronics, and many others.

Contact us to discuss your case and we will see if we are able to be of assistance.

Rates are as follows:

Service Package Monthly Minimum

Initial consultation



Office research and reports


1 hour

Depositions, court appearances


7 hours per day

Travel time


Depends on location

Please note that we *do* charge for travel time and we do charge for hours over 7 in one day.

All legal services must be paid in advance.