Dry Loops & DSL Cabling

This page contains information related to the installation of Dry Loop lines. Telephone lines are mysterious to most customers, but the system is actually pretty simple. These pages show pictures of everything and will help to take some of the mystery out of it all.

DSL Tags - Every dry loop line is supposed to have a tag on it. If we are having problems with the line, this tag will help us find the wires so we can test or repair them.

Finding the Phone Closet or NID - Line tags are found in the NID or the Phone Closet for your building. You have probably walked past these a thousand times and never noticed them. This page has pictures that will help you find the phone wires for your building.

NID - This is the "phone box" for your telephone line. Usually for houses. This page will show you how to open the NID and what is inside.

DSL Cabling - The phone company frequently miswires dry loops, connecting them to the wrong jack, wrong apartment, or even just connecting them to some wires are that are just hanging out of the wall. This page will show you how to trace the wires and connect your jack to the dsl wire which the phone company has installed.

Central Offices in 310 area code (Excell list)

DSL Line Tests - What the numbers mean.