How much speed do I need?

We offer speeds fromf 3/4 megabits to 7.1 megabits.

Video is the thing that will probably determine what speed of Internet you need.

Virtually all of our customers sign up for Netflix. We recommend 3mb speed.

If you want to watch Neflix HD, we suggest 5 megabits or 7 megabits.

Comparing to Cable (Time Warner, Comcast)

When you compare speeds, remember that this is a dedicated line. With the cable company, they quote very fast speeds like 50 or 100, but their network is set up like Christmas lighs - everyone is on the same wire. This means you share the same line with 2,000 other people in your neighborhood.

So depending on usage patters of your neighbors, a 3 mb connection from us may be faster than a 25 mb connection from Time Warner.

Streaming Video

Netflix speed requirements:
1.5mb for basic, 3mb for sd, 5mb for hd

Amazon speed requirements
SD 0.9mb HD 3mb

Hulu: They suggest at least 1.5mb.

If you want to test your speed we recommend the speed test at Speakeasy.