DSL from 3 to 75 MB/S. Fiber from 25 to 1000 MB/S. Local service. No bundle. No phone.
Pricing from $30 to $175 for most services.
Open 7 days a week including holidays!

Call 310-395 5500

Say goodbye to offshore technical support reading from scripts. Say no to the cable company's padded bills. Don't put up with 50 minute hold time to speak to a real person.

All our staff are in California. Every call wil be answered by a human being. All our customers pay the same prices. We don't have any specials or bundles, which means, your price doesn't go up after a year.

$45 from us is a lot cheaper than $45 from those other guys.

Television services from Netflix, Amazon and HBO are available directly from those sites. All are compatible with our internet service.

Check our pricelist or call for more information.