Brand X Price list - DSL in Frontier Territory

Brand X Internet offers DSL services for both MACINTOSH and WINDOWS in Frontier telephone areas.

Frontier owns all telephone lins in areas such as Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Mt. Baldy, Ontario, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and Covina.

These prices are for either regular or standalone DSL. No phone line is required.

Note: Frontier and Verizon are the same company, but Verizon transferred all telephone and data services in California, Texas and Florida to Frontier as of 4/1/2016 as part of the merger of the two companies. There is a different price schedule for New York and other areas still run by Verizon.

Service Package (down/up) Monthly Setup

3 mb/768 kb



7.1 mb/768 kb



The speeds shown are upload/download in kb. 1000 kb = 1 mb. So the fastest speed is 7100k = 7.1 mb.

Prices are the same for personal or business acounts.

No Telephone, No Problem

We can provide you dsl in Verizon areas even if you don't have Verizon telephone service, as long as there are Verizon wires in your building. If you currently have Verizon phone service, we recommend that you get your DSL going before you cancel the telephone as Verizon installations are easier on live phone lines.

Prices are the same for Standalone DSL as for regular DSL, except that standalone often requries a cabling technician to come out and set up the line, which costs $25. If you are converting an existing line to standalone this fee does not apply.

If you are interested in Standalone DSL we recommend you read our FAQ.

More than 90% of our new customers sign up for Standalone DSL. Most are former Verizon customers.

Business Accounts

Personal and Business accounts cost the same.

Static Addresses

This allows you to run your own mail server, web server, or game servers. Most customers don't need Static Addresses, but if you do need them, they are available at a modest monthly charge.

Note: Frontier is taking control of Verizon as of 4/1. Static addresses will no longer be available after 4/1 due to Frontier rules. We apologize.

Accounts Include

With any account you are also allowed two free email accounts and free technical support.


Our support is local; you will never be transferred to Kazakhstan or Mongolia to get your technical support.

We don't have computers that try to talk to you, and we don't have 30 minute holds to test your patience.

If all our lines are busy and we can't talk, we'll have someone take your number and call you back. This values your time.

Apple Computers

Unlike Verizon, Frontier and ATT, Brand X loves Macs and we completely support them.

Startup Fee

Unfortunately Frontier currently charges us a startup fee and we must pass this on to our customers. We hate startup fees. However, once youare past this, no contract is required.


Most of our customers bring their own modems. We have instructions on our website for how to configure various types of modems that are common. If you don't have a modem we can provide you a "Westell Wirespeed" modem for $30. Special offer: Brand X Internet will provide you with the DSL modem for free with one year signup committment. You have to ask for this offer if you want it and you have to commit to a year of service (most of our customers are month to month).


Two free. Additional mailboxes are $5.00 per month, or $50.00 per year.

What kind of speed can I expect?

Throughput (download) speed will be lower than connection speed and will vary based on a number of factors, including distance from your locations to the central office, the condition of your phone line and wiring inside your location, network and internet congestion, and the servers or web sites to which you connect, among other factors. Here's what you can expect: Based on customer feedback and a limited amount of our own testing, it appears that Verizon DSL customers are getting about 70%-80% of the upper limit. These limitations are from Verizon not Brand X. You will get the same limitation on speed no matter whom you select as your ISP.

What about fees and taxes?

Verizon plays a lot of price games. If you look at a Frontier bill you will see various fake taxes and things like "Regulatory Recapture Fee" which means a fee that Frontier charges because they think there's too much regulation. We don't do any of that. Our prices are our prices. Brand X Charges similar prices for residential and business services. The price you pay generally depends on the level of service you select. Brand X has no bandwidth limitations and no special service charges. Generally a $25 Brand X charge will cost you less at the end of the month than a $25 Frontier charge, because our fees are exactly what we quote you. Verizon, well, they charge whatever they feel like and it never matches the price they quote.

Terms and Conditions

Please click here for our Terms And Conditions.


Most of our customers bring their own modems. We have instructions on our website for how to configure various types of modems that are common. If you need a modem or router, please refer to our pricelist for equipment.

Contact Information:

Any questions? Call 310-395-5500 or email and we will be happy to help.