Why Brand X Internet?

Cut the Cord! We offer an alternative to the big national companies. Our prices are fair and term contracts are not required. A telephone line is not required in Verizon areas. We are based in Santa Monica but can serve most areas in Southern California. Call 310-395 5500 to speak to a real person and get more information. Open Evenings and Weekends too!

We offer Local, Personal Support

We won't make you describe your problems to a computer and we won't transfer you to an outsourced call center in India. If we are too busy to talk to you we will take your number and call you back, but we won't make you listen to hold music. All our support is done in California.

Our Customers Like Us

Don't take our word on it, check the reviews:

Our customers include local schools, churches, businsses, and government offices. We provide consulting, networking, programming and many other services. But the core of our business is DSL service for ordinary people at home.

No telephone - No problem!

In Verizon areas we can set you up with a "dry loop", a telephone line with no telephone service. You save $35 a month or more. In Verizon areas nearly everyone is signing up for standlone DSL services.

ATT will not permit standalone service.

No contract - No problem!

We don't require term contracts. Service is month to month. We don't sell service by the day, but if you want to sign up for a single month of service, that's fine.

No bundle - No problem!

You don't need a bundle or a telephone line to get DSL service with Brand X Internet. Many of our customers use NetFlix, Apple TV, HBO Go, and many other services, but none of them are required and we don't sell any bundles.

No bogus fees! No fake taxes!

Switch to Brand X DSL, where Verizon area pricing starts at $25 a month. AT&T area pricing starts at $22 a month.

$22 a month means $22 a month. There are no "special" fees and no phony taxes added on your bill.

Give us a call at 310 395 5500 and we will be happy to answer your questions.