Dreamweaver File Upload Instructions

Dreamweaver is a popular HTML page design program with an FTP program included so you can upload and download files. Usage is quie similar to other FTP programs such as FileZilla though it doesn't have quite as many options. It's very convenient to use if you are using DreamWeaver to edit your files.

We won't teach you how to use DreamWeaver here, we're just going to show the settings for file upload.

I'm going to connect to the website "pilots" with my ultra-secret password.

The settings are found in the "Site Manager" under "Site" in the menu.

Here are the settings for our site. You can use the "Test" button to see if you have it right. If you have problems, confirm the username and password, and make sure "use passive ftp" is checked.

Once you are connected you can use the "upload" and "download" buttons to copy files to/from the server.

dreamweaver ftp settings