Configuring Video Devices

We are going to assume you already have internet on your computer working, and now you want to get your video devices working.  If you want to watch a channel like Netflix, Amazon, Sling TV or HBO, you usually need a device or an app of some type. Some people use a device such as the Apple TV, Amazon's Fire TV, Roku, or the apps on their TV.  The most popular TVs are Vizio, Samsung and Sony, so we will have links to help on them too.

Before you set up your devices, you might want to check the speed on your line.  Netflix requires 1/2 mb minimum and 1 1/2 recommended.  Other channels are similar.  You can do a speed test at

Ethernet: In EVERY case ethernet will work better than Wifi.  If your Apple TV or other device has an ethernet plug, then connect cable from it to your router, and you should be online.  Normally, no configuration is required.  This is the fastest, easiest, and best way to connect your device.

Some devices like the Amazon Fire have no ethernet port, and you are stuck using Wifi.  You may also want to use Wifi if your TV is far from your router.  However, we will go on record: "Ethernet works better".

Here's how to connect Wifi for various devices:

Apple TV

Apple TV Internet Configuration

Apple TV - More detailed setup

Roku TV

Vizio TV

Samsung TV

Sony TV