Verizon FiOS ONT1000GJ4

This device is the fios equivalent of a modem.

If our internet is down, we want to look at the lights and see what might be the problem. The image below shows a line that is up and working correctly.


Verizon FiOS ONT


Bolded status/descriptions below indicate likely Failures
Description/Suggested Action to Take
PWR Green (Solid) Normal
Green (Flashing) No AC power; ONT running on battery
Unlit No power
BATT Green Normal
Unlit Battery is missing, bad or low
FAIL Unlit Normal
Red (Flashing) ONT is ranging. / Allow ONT to range > 120 seconds
Red (Solid) Hardware or Software fault
VIDEO Unlit Normal
Red (Flashing) 1550 NM > .5DB above optical limit
Red (Solid) 1550 NM signal weak
DATA Green (Solid) Ethernet or Return Path data detected
Unlit No data is being passed
NTWK Green (Solid) Normal
Unlit No Optical link established (1490 NM)
MGMT Green (Solid) Normal
Green (Flashing) ONT is booting up
Unlit ONT has lost communication
POTS Unlit Normal
Yellow (Solid) One or more lines off hook
MoCA Green (Solid) Normal
Unlit No MoCA RF link
LINK/CARRIER Yellow (Solid) Ethernet Link up
Yellow (Flashing) Ethernet Link up and RX/TX activity
Unlit No Ethernet Link
10/100/1000 Green (Solid) 100 Mbps
Green (Flashing) 1000 Mbps
Unlit 10 Mbps