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What company owns the phone lines in your neighborhood? If you are not sure, you can refer to the Telco Service Areas Map.

If you area not sure which one applies, make your best guess and our orders department will find out for you.

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Frontier Area

Frontier area includes Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Venice, Westwood, Palisades, Malibu, Marina del Rey, Redondo, Long Beach, Mt Baldy, Covina, 1000 Oaks, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs.

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Frontier Area DSL

In Frontier areas we will give you the best speed that the line will support, up to 45mb. The router is included.

Frontier Area Fiber Services

Fiber is available at some locations. There is a $105 installation fee which is waived if you choose the annual plan.

A router is not included with installation. You can provide your own or order one from us for $45, see section below for equipment.

AT&T Area

AT&T areas include downtown, Hollywood, Koreatown, Beverly Hills, Torrance, most of the San Fernando Valley most of Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and nearly all of the rest of the Bay Area.

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Call us at 310-395-5500 for information about DSL and fiber service in AT&T areas. We used to have a wide range of speeds of service, but AT&T isn't letting us do that any more. Service generally costs $85 per month and is supposed to work at 75mb, but we have to check the line speed to confirm that speed will really work. If you want AT&T area service, just put in your address and we will do the check for you.

Equipment is included with Fiber or DSL service. There is a $105 installation fee for dsl or fiber, which is waived if you choose the annual plan.

AT&T Area DSL Services

Check our AT&T area dsl pricelist. Not all services are available for all addresses.

Contract Term

Installation is $105 for DSL or Fiber service. You can get free installation if you agree to a one year minimum term.

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A router is required for any internet connection. If you already have them, great. If not, we can supply them for you.

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