Tech Note

Frontier Pop-Ups

A number of customers have complained about pop-up messages from Frontier interfering with their Internet Service. This tech-note will indicate how to fix this.

Quick Fix

The popup window will have a button for "Acknowledge". Click this and the message will go away. However, this may not be permanent.

Permanent Fix

The permanent solution to this type of pop-up is to stop using Frontier DNS servers. We recommend instead that you use Google DNS, which is The fix can be done on your router, which will fix all your devices, or it can be done on each individual device.


We will open Windows and update our network settings to change the DNS Server to

Select from the menu:

Settings -> Network and Internet -> Wifi -> Network and Sharing Center

This brings up a page with the title "View your basic network information and set up connections." Scan down an inch and you will see "View your active networks." On the right side you will see the current connection. It might be wifi or ethernet. Mine is wifi so I will go with that. Select the connecton. This will bring up the "Wifi Status" windows. Ethernet should be similar.

The Wifi Status window has a bunch of information about our connection. In the absolute lower left of the window, select "Properties". This will bring up the "WiFi propeties" window.

Wifi Properties will have a list in the middle that says "This connection uses the following items." From this list select "Internet Protocol Version 4" and then select the button below that says "Properties". This will bring up the widow thta says "Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties."

In the Internet Protocol Verison 4 Properties window, about halfway down, select "Use the following DNS server addresses." Select this choice and then enter as the server. This isGoogle, which is fast an reliable. This will fix your problem.


How to change the DNS settings on your Mac, iMac, MacBook:


How to change DNS settings on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

Frontier Router

The objective here is to set the name server dns to Here are some links that show how to do this. Note that while they may suggest other ip addresses for dns, we suggest which is Google.

Other Devices

We will post similar information for other devices as time allows.